With AstroNaot, Nao will tell you which objects are visible in the night sky,
point you where they are and tell you some information about the objects.
The program will concentrate on the planets and the moon and uses its own
calculations for the positions to avoid installations of extra astronomic libraries
on the Nao.

Main Menu Astronaot:



What can I do for you ?

Possible Answers:


         All general Main Menu answers. (See System Page)

         Object : Nao asks for which object. (All the individual planet names, Sun and Moon)

         Nothing : Nao does nothing.

         Quit : Nao leaves the program.

         Extra : Go to menu "Extra" (see Under).


Extra Menu Astronaot:



What extra option?

Possible Answers:


         All general system menu answers (see System Page)

         Visible : Nao lists all current visible objects. (above the horizon, even by daylight)

         Current City : Change the current city coordinates.

         Direction : Change Nao direction north-south.

         Ears : Nao shows the moon phases using his ear and eye leds.


The Moon Development


Using Nao's head leds for displaying the moon phases:


Moon Phase


Ear Leds

Nao head ledsNao head leds

Moon Phase Nao head leds

Eye Leds

Nao eye leds

Nao is a great developers platform. With Choregraphe programming software and the extensive API its't easy and a lot of fun to develop new Nao behaviors.

Nao Triest