Nao Simon

NaoSimon is a memory game that is based on remembering sounds or colors.

The game is very simple. Nao will give you a sequence of colors that you have to remember and repeat. Nao starts with only one color and when you repeat it in the proper way then Nao adds one extra color to the sequence. You have to repeat the complete sequence every time when the extra color is added.

Nao has four colors to choose from and Nao will take randomly one of these four colors. A color is shown on one of the two eye leds or on one of the two foot leds. The colors are blue, yellow, red and green. Every color has also a specific sound. In this way you can try to remember the color but also the sound.

To repeat the color you have to touch the hand or press the feet bumper. For example, when the left eye (yellow) led has blinked you have to touch the left hand. When the left feet (red) led has blinked you have to press the left feet bumper.

The game can be used for people who can not hear because they can try to remember the color. For people who can not see they can try to remember the sound. Nao will not move during the game.

How many sounds or colors can you remember?

Nao will use:

Front Head Tactile: Start the game.
Middle Head Tactile: Stop the game.
Rear Head Tactile: Nao explains how the game works. (The manual)

Right/Left Hand Tactiles : For Touching during the game.
Right/Left Feet Bumpers: For Touching during the game.

Eye Leds: For remembering which eye has blinked.
Feet Leds: For remembering which foot has blinked.
Sound module: Every eye and foot led has its own specific sound when blinking.

Speech module: Speaking out the manual, questions and the comments during the game.
Speech recognition module: Giving answers on Nao's questions.

Facedetection module: Nao keeps looking at you during the game.
Face recognition module: Nao invites the user (name) to play the game when detected.

Motion module: Hand, arm and head movements during the game.

Nao is a great developers platform. With Choregraphe programming software and the extensive API its't easy and a lot of fun to develop new Nao behaviors.

Nao Triest