Main Menu

These extra answers are always available when Nao is asking a general question.

HelpDo you want the options?
Do you want to repeat the question?
RepeatNao repeats the question.
OptionsNao give you all the options possible for the current question.
BehaviorStart/Stop an installed/running behavior.
LanguageChange the language. (if available)
StandupNao performs the Standup posture.
SitdownNao performs the Sitdown posture.
CrouchNao performs the Crouch posture.
SystemSystem Menu.
System Menu

These extra questions are always available when asking "system" in the Main Menu

PictureNao takes a picture and save it on its harddrive.
DateCurrent date
TimeCurrent time
SofterSet Nao spreaker loudness.
(After, question yes/no loop)
LouderSet Nao spreaker loudness.
(After, question yes/no loop)
Tension or StiffnessChange the whole body stiffness.
ListenSwitch on/off to start Menu by sound.
QuitQuit system Menu
Learn FaceLearn Face by showing QR code of the name.
LookLook and try recognize face.

Nao is a great developers platform. With Choregraphe programming software and the extensive API its't easy and a lot of fun to develop new Nao behaviors.

Nao Triest